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Like the air we breathe, like the water we drink, or the food we eat, Music is essential to our life. The universal language of music can evoke powerful emotions, tap the innermost reaches of our consciousness and reach across cultural and social boundaries in unique and sometimes mysterious ways. Every culture has its own music, a unique “natural resource”, as diverse as the planet itself, a resource that remains largely untapped. Unlocking the value hidden within is what “Music As A Natural Resource” is about.

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Across every continent, music is taking on a new a role, transcending our understanding of music as an art form: serving as the channel to improve community development and peace building, the backbone of a variety of medical/healthcare efforts, the platform for teaching math, history or science.

Through a unique merger of expertise in three domains: political will, business acumen, and musical insight, the “Music as a Natural Resource” project supports, educates, and connects the dots of this movement and seeks to unlock the potential of music to cause meaningful outcomes for society on a global scale.